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As a kid, like everyone of my generation, I idolized Elvis. My first album was a collection of his gold records. I played it over and over again, memorizing the lyrics, and singing along with him in front of a large mirror that hung in our living room. Of course, I loved all his songs, but my favorite was That's When Your Heartaches Begin. I particularly liked the talking part and without too much prodding I'll perform it to this day. Below are the lyrics of my favorite Elvis song.

That's When Your Heartaches Begin
Recorded by Elvis Presley 01/13/1957
(Words & Music: Hill/ Fisher/ Rasking)


If you find your sweetheart
in the arms of a friend,
That's when your heartaches begin.
When dreams of a lifetime
must come to an end,
That's when your heartaches begin.


Love is a thing
you never can share.
If you bring a friend
into your love affair,
That's the end of your sweetheart,
that's the end of your friend -
That's when your heartaches begin.

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